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You can fully experience the thrill of gambling without “losing your shirt” or even a dime! Amazin Yeshuwanna Money is the world’s first digital cryptocurrency board game system. This is your online portal and command center for Amazin Yeshuwanna Money (BEP-20). It provides you with a fun, instant, safe and guaranteed learning environment to acquire new skills through playing games.
To create a new paradigm for online gaming systems and infrastructure, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money connects developers to programmable and decentralized blockchain resources. With the AYM white label system, developers can create their own game applications using Amazin Yeshuwanna Money proprietary tool. To allow developers to concentrate on the content and form of their games, rather than the underlying infrastructure, we ensure compliance and security are maintained at the protocol level.

What is Amazin Yeshuwanna Money
Is an online player community (Economy Education Board Game System) that holds exchangeable game tokens for a responsible purpose, to maintain the supply of players of Amazon Yeshuwanna Money exchangeable game tokens (BEP-20).
For developers, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money is a set of tools that can be used to create their own gaming applications.

In order to create a new paradigm for online gaming systems and infrastructure, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money connects developers to decentralized programmable blockchain resources.
Compliance and safety are taken care of at the protocol level, allowing developers to concentrate on the content and form of their gaming apps rather than the underlying infrastructure. Amazin Yeshuwanna Money Gaming token dApps will proliferate, and a new multi-billion dollar, regulated blockchain-gaming industry will open up as a result of this, AYM believe.

How does Amazin Yeshuwanna Money work
Amazin Yeshuwanna Money is aware of the need to protect and provide only games that comply with the Gaming Act and the Gaming Player Protection Regulation (2018), in order to ensure the following:

-Existence of adequate controls, policies, and procedures to prevent minors

-Safeguarding vulnerable people with appropriate controls, policies, and procedures;

-If you feel aggrieved by a decision by Amazin Yeshuwanna Money, you have the right to know about all the options available to you to challenge that decision.

-There is a wealth of data available to players about the Economy Education Board Game System.

-Players have easy access to information about playing responsibly;

-Players or anyone else can take control of their gaming habits and protect themselves from the negative effects of problem gaming with the help of readily available tools.

-The gaming service’s marketing and advertising complies with the Gaming Commercial Communications Regulations (2018) and any other applicable regulatory instrument or law, namely:

— — Commercial communications related to gaming must include educational responsible gaming messaging, unless it is impractical because of space limitations, such as on mobile devices, in which case the relevant commercial communication may use alternative means that effectively capture the viewer’s attention.

— — For all commercial communications, there will be a web-portal address for responsible gaming that will be clearly legible, provided that in cases where space is an issue, such as on the screens of portable communications devices, the relevant commercial communication may use alternative means that effectively entice the viewer.

Adherence to the law
In order to ensure player safety and compliance, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money will allow each dApp on it to develop its own rules while adhering to existing regulations. For this reason, each dApp using Amazon Yeshuwanna Money (BEP-20) tokens will be given a set of information and deployment norms, based on the type of application use case and the tools available on Amazin Yeshuwanna Money, in order to comply with local laws and regulations.
Amazin Yeshuwanna Money will require these dApps to escrow a large amount of AYM (BEP-20) tokens in order to make it financially unwise for them to commit fraud due to the amount of trust that Event Resolution by Fiat requires. To punish these By-Fiat dApps for fraud, the developers will have their Exchanged Token Smart Contract Smart Contracts for Amazin Yeshuwanna Money Tokens allocated to the Development Fund of the respective dApp in the event of a dispute. Even if developers of dApps are accused of fraud, they will have the option of appealing and presenting evidence to the community.

Technology is made up of various components.
You only need to use AYM libraries, so you don’t have to worry about anything specific to Blockchain and languages. Smart contracts record all of the critical parameters needed to verify all of the different types of gaming tokens. As dApp owners will have an asymmetric-key system Public Key, Private Key> to access different resources redundantly saved on an off-chain Network for sets of activities such as event creation, API use and authentication will be handled cryptographically
In light of the recent growth of the language and the widespread adoption of NPM, Amazin Yeshuwanna Money offers a JavaScript library. Other libraries are on the horizon for the foreseeable future.


Decentralized gaming platforms, such as Amazin Yeshuwanna Money, allow for lower backend costs and higher profit margins by connecting traditional players with the decentralized world of gaming. It’s as simple as pointing APIs to a new target for a traditional player to switch expensive legacy services. AmYesMoney (BEP-20) gaming tokens are the “entry fee” for the Amazin Yeshuwanna Money Economy Education Board Game System, which means that exchange rates are low.
Competitors are stifling the growth of the gaming market by not allowing traditional players to participate. As the blockchain gaming market grows, Yeshuwanna Money strategy is to help the traditional market absorb more and more gaming tokens by providing unparalleled exchanges and efficiency for player holders of the tokens.

Total Supply:

14,232,577,769,808,912 quadrillion



Max Tax:


Automatic LP Amount:


Token Holder Rewards:


Transaction Educational Tax:




Full Name:

Amazin Yeshuwanna Money



Amazin Yeshuwanna Money Community (Economic Education Board Game System) is a worldwide community platform where every individual can join, play, win and get paid by playing online. Very easy to use, simple & fun. Visit for more info.
The Amazin Yeshuwanna Money Board Game System allows players to use their tokens in the virtual or real world. The system is designed for family and friends to create a fun atmosphere and a trusted peer support group. Amazin Yeshuwanna Money hopes that you will become a contributing member of Amazin Yeshuwanna Money!

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