Gameplay Of Metakings Is An Excellent Blockchain Game That Brings Fun To Players

Aiko Ryzuka
3 min readDec 21, 2021


Play to ern is a fighting game developed on blockchain technology. Our game integrates a money-making mechanism, any player who participates in the game can earn money by participating in matches to win valuable rewards such as items and characters.

Blockchain technology brings game fun to players. The intelligence system and the money-making mechanism are integrated, so any player who participates in the game can earn money by participating in matches to win valuable rewards such as items.

Fight to earn money. Unlike other existing products, gameplay of Metakings is a game that integrates combat and blockchain technology. This blockchain game allows you to play and earn money at the same time. Basic activities in the game include entering a match, combat and winning rewards.

We have developed a fun and intelligent fighting game called Metakings, where the story narrative is interwoven with themes such as terror and philosophy. It has integrated blockchain technology that allows you to earn money by playing the game, so you will never feel bored when playing online. In fact, this blockchain game can get you ROI and make you rich!

Play to ern is a blockchain game developed by SmartPool and YOYOW. The game toys that everyone uses are NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and they are formed by information. In addition, players can freely trade NFT on the market, and also help a player to train his own pet.

With tons of different strategies and endless ways to play, whenever you’re playing Metakings, you’re playing a different game.

  1. Play To Earn: Play games to earn MET in matches
  2. Global Market: The worldwide auction house with the real economy experience

The gameplay of the Metakings is an excellent blockchain game that brings fun to players. Each character has 4 basic attacks and a super attack, and the fighting pattern is different for each player. When the player wins a battle, he gets some rewards that can be redeemed for other goods in the shop or used to buy customizations.

The meta game in Metaking is an excellent blockchain game. You will talk about it with your friends!

Play to earn is a blockchain game created through intelligent technology. It will bring players fun and allow them to earn money from playing the game and fighting. The game will bring millions of users to participate in tournaments and create an ecosystem that encourages people to play games, engage in social activities, read books, discover hobbies and contribute knowledge.

Fight with intelligence and build a profitable blockchain game with intelligent mechanisms.

With the help of blockchain technology, the game has built-in cryptology and requires a decentralized artificial intelligence game that has been around for five years. The most important aspect is the character’s strong features such as intelligence, emotion and humanity. . . .

Have you ever won a championship in the virtual world? Maybe fighting or sporting competitions, or other contests are not your cup of tea. So, why not enjoying this game? Here’s a chance to get blockchain games free from now! Come to it, open this world and claim your reward now!

Play it to earn money, with the gameplay of the fun, and the nostalgic appearance of crypto-currency icon.

Play Game to Earn Money!

Metakings is a blockchain game developed in the form of gameplay. This fighting game can be played at any time and any place, and gives players and opportunity to earn money. The more matches you win, the greater your winning odds will be.

As long as you are a winner, you will be given valuable rewards donated by other participants, who view your match once they have put bets on you.

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