Helios Fund — The First Web3 Mining and DeFi App Portfolio Management Service

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Introducing the first-ever crypto asset fund custodial service and Investment on Etheraln. Token owners are able to get their share of profits by using a hash algorithm .Furthermore, the fund would be operated under a contract that is safe from corruption and malfeasance, making cryptocurrency investment convenient for everyone with trust and transparency. The approaching of the year 2020 sent people around the world into a frenzy they’d never seen before. The OXFAM report reveals that women will lose out on $800 million in annual income due to COVID-19, which was caused by its emergence and subsequent public announcement of the pandemic. During this time era, people lost their livelihood and had to take out a bank account in order to focus on themselves. When compared to the economic crisis of the Great Depression, the rate of unemployment has reached an all-time high.
Helios fund are building a new kind of crypto fund. ”Why? Because mining, or mining finance (MiFi), is the only way to actually have your money work for you. And it’s doing that really really well. The goal is to help you make better investment decisions. To be more responsive, responsible and socially aware about where you put your money.”

What is Helios fund
The First Web3 Mining and DeFi App Portfolio Management Service Helios fund is the first Web3 project aiming to extract value from cryptocurrencies by creatively but securely exploiting every moment of their lifecycle. From mining/inception to DeFi applications through smart portfolio management, with every step to take place on the revolutionary protocol of mining finance (MiFi), a breakthrough algorithm of Helios fund creation. Furthermore, Helios fund are also able to reduce the expenditure both in terms of hosting and electricity, resulting in best returns to the customers from the very beginning. offering to users a smart portfolio management service which will maximize the value of their assets by constantly monitoring new developments within crypto space and taking only the best investment opportunities.

How does it work Helios fund?
Helios Fund allows investors to benefit from mining rewards, smart portfolio rebalancing and DFI. Each deposit we receive is going to be allocated in the MiFi protocol, which accounts for three layers of value creation: mining, smart portfolio rebalancing, and DFI. The Helios platform is secure, transparent, and accessible to users worldwide.
Funds are automatically allocated to Block power that is available, increasing facility’s mining power. Customer deposits are pooled and each contribution gives the sender a certain share in the total percentage.

Deposit: When a customer deposits money, Helios Fund immediately uses that money to increase the amount of mining power we have available. Consideration is given to the devices based on their cost-efficiency and durability. Coin selection is based on a proven formula for success.

Production: In the sake of variety, Helios fund provide a smorgasbord of several cryptocurrencies. These coins are then sent over the MiFi protocol, where they are subjected to a market-driven exchanging mechanism and a DeFi integration. A higher amount of Bitcoin will be the end result, which Helios fund will keep for the foreseeable future.

Repayment: Any time the consumer desires, he or she may withdraw the full amount of their initial investment, plus any gains.

Why Helios fund?
-Work With The Best
Helios fund values influence Helios fund decisions and allow us to strive toward Helios fund objective, which is to serve you.

Helios fund use our processes and producers as they were designed for the present moment. Helios fund research team will study market trends as they change. In contrast to rusty crypto funds of the past, Helios is an adaptive fund that doesn’t remain stagnant.

Helios fund open and honest about all do, and Helios fund keep in touch with investors on a regular basis. Keeping a direct and credible relationship with Helios fund clients is at the core of Helios fund ideals, and that will remain the case throughout Helios fund journey.

-Future Of Mining
In the end, mining and its future in digital assets will be here to stay. Every cryptocurrency’s profitability is continually being analyzed and measured to ensure that Helios fund have a cost-effective asset portfolio.

Tokenomics & allocation
On the Ethereum blockchain, the Helios fund token will be constructed and run in order to benefit from the Ethereum ecosystem, which has a large number of Ethereum-based tokens that may be swapped for HFT.

the shortcomings of the current investment system cycle and the introduction of MiFi has opened up a completely new opportunity to release the locked values of digital assets onto the market. As such, Helios Fund is setting out to unlock the potential value by utilizing this revolutionary algorithm. The success of Helios fund coupled with its ecosystem could effectively produce a revolutionary platform which will bring new opportunities to participants like investors, Cryptocurrency miners, DeFi application developers and henceforth, changing Helios Fund whole world into a more decentralized and valuable system. Hence being an important project on Helios Fund radar.

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