HORGI Token: A Real World Use of The Blockchain

Aiko Ryzuka
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Welcome To Horgi Token

Meet Horgi Token, the canine angel who is here to guard your funds. Utilizing the power of blockchain technology and our new HORGI token, you’ll be able to cost the HORGI plushie with the token, and then let it guard your valuables for you below lock and key!

Bestowed that canines and their human companions have been surrounded by the decentralized magic of blockchain technology, so they’ve been liberated from the shackles of the centralized banking panorama. HORGI is championing this high-tech revolution, bringing it to the home grounds of pets.

HORGI Token, memecoins and smart chains are here! Following the launch of its brand new HORGI token on Binance Exchange, the HORGI team’s primary objective is to create a new breed of dog-themed crypto that can be used to pay for things in the real world.

The HORGI token allows you to adopt, verify and name your own unique 9-month old mixed breed dog. Once you have adopted your dog, you can then go about verifying your dog is yours by uploading a picture of it, or name it and make it your own with this unique Ethereum Blockchain based token.

By developing partnerships with companies in non-trading industries, HORGI has opened up the horizons of possible interactions within the blockchain ecosystem beyond purely financial matters.

HORGI Token is a meme-themed collectible coin on the Binance Smart Chain. It provides real world use through protecting vulnerable and homeless canines, ones who remain on the street with no discover in sight.

Funds raised by means of HORGI Token are used to offer captive dogs with food, water, remedy, safety, love and most significantly, hope.

The HORGI token is named after the main coin built on the special Binance smart chain, which is essentially a wise contract.

This specific chain is built to urge canine homeowners to train their dogs through doggile.io, and since it’s constructed surreptitious of the Ethereum blockchain, it permits for on-chain dog characteristics resembling power, hair, fur coloration, breed, and dozens more.

Additionally, it has its own ERC20 token that can be used to purchase professional coaching from prime dog trainers.

The HORGI token is a dog-themed cryptocurrency that has a specific use case in the real world. The token was created to pay for monthly subscriptions to DoggiCat, a platform that enables you to make money from watching your dog on their webcam.

The platform uses IPFS and the Binance Chain to store information about dogs. This is not just a dog coin that benefits from the joke upon launching, but instead, will also be of real use and benefit when DoggiCats launch in Q2 2019.

The HORGI token is not just a cryptocurrency, or simply a dog meme. HORGI is a hybrid, multi-purpose token that has been created to meet the needs of the modern day Crypto Investor and Dog Lover.

The HORGI token represents a cryptographically verified, unique kinfolk bond, connecting the pup and canine homeowners in a manner that has by no means earlier than been supplied by means of a Blockchain.

It’s only basic that a currency dedicated to memes have the artwork of a puppy. What makes Horni different, is that it has a real-world utility. HORGI token holders obtain entry to full-scale dApps designed and built around the very image of human’s best pal — canines.

HORGI token has solid technology behind it, it is not just a regular memecoin. By using the Binance Smart Chain for backing, you can be assured that this is a legit project, the HORGI tokens are the perfect way to reach out to the mass and help them to test the blockchain.

More Information about Horgi finance project

Website: https://horgitoken.org/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/horgitoken

Telegram: https://t.me/horgitoken

Whitpaper: https://horgitoken.org/HORGI%20Token%20whitepaper.pdf

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