How Smash Cash is redefining privacy in digital payments

Aiko Ryzuka
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We realize that security measures are at the top of your mind when dealing with cryptocurrencies, so let us assure you that Smash Cash was developed with this in mind. Our system guarantees anonymity and privacy during transactions, through an encryption system of Zero Links, within the 10 most popular Blockchains, and all Blockchain platforms.

Smash Cash is a decentralized cryptocurrency-based application, that allows users to make payments in several ways. First, it has the capability of using cash or digital payments in sums superior to 3.000 Euros, without including your name or legal identification data.

It also offers information on your activity over the Blockchain in an encrypted form, giving you total privacy when making payments through this method.

Smash Cash is a decentralized applications that runs on a Blockchain technology, with anonymity and privacy functions. It is a currency in a digital currency market, with the best performance in the market, with 100% anonymity and zero connection to any user.

Smash Cash is the industry’s first cryptocurrency ecosystem, capable of making instant payments between users, located anywhere in the world. It’s an open-source system that uses Zero Link technology, guaranteeing high security and anonymity to your transactions.

Traditional cryptocurrencies are linked to the personal data of its users, which means that everyone is susceptible to having their identity stolen or otherwise compromised. Smash Cash changes this, redefining privacy through Zero-Link Technology, which grants complete anonymity to all users.

Technology aside, you’re also backed by a people powered network of support. With their help, you’ll be able to increase your knowledge about the Blockchain world and continue growing your skillset. Therefore, you’ll become a more reliable resource within the Blockchain community.

Smash Cash is the only Crypto App that allows you to earn while you surf. It is a mobile app that uses ten different blockchains and digital wallets, and has more than 1 million users around the world. The Smash Cash application is decentralized, and it eliminates interception of personal information and 24-hour access that its clients had.

Smash Cash is a creation of crypto and blockchain experts and is designed to resolve the most urgent issues facing the digital wallets we use every day. The goal of Smash Cash is to create a system that allows users to maintain their anonymity and privacy during transactions under any circumstance.

With Smash Cash, our clients will never need to worry about having financial information exposed or recorded on any database or server.

Maintaining privacy in the world of cryptocurrencies is difficult, with the advent of Blockchain technology even more so. The mission of Smash Coin was to solve this problem by developing a way to transact on the economic marketplace without having your identity associated with your actions.

This means that two or more parties can now interact with each other without worrying about their identities being revealed.

Smash is an easy way to send money to anyone or store it for future use. We help you deposit, withdraw, exchange into Etherum and even cash out. All without your name on bank records. They can’t see your personal information. And it’s just the beginning of what we’re doing to protect your rights as a cryptocurrency user.

It is the only decentralized application of this kind where all other alternatives are centralized, insecure, slow, expensive or have other limits. It also allows you to send money anonymously to anyone in the world to almost any cryptocurrency in just one transaction. Complete peace of mind knowing that your information is protected.


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