IKONIC, A Blockchain Powered Digital Economy For Gamers And Esports


Advertisers need fresh concepts, the platforms they use to analyze their advertising and the ability to streamline their social media by using data to know where to engage based on real-time actions…Gamers have high expectations for the tools that help them succeed in ways that will lead to higher-revenue stream. Esports celebrities face challenges in managing and growing their fan base, especially when it comes to communicating with their fans across social media. IKONIC came up with a solution for these problems.

IKONIC is a platform that bridges real-world and virtual worlds together. It’s designed to democratize the gaming and esports space by enabling anyone to create, collect, and earn from the best moments across gaming and metaverse ecosystems.
IKONIC — a video game fan, photographer and video maker enabled platform that enables creative content creation, collection and monetization. Through the use of IKONIC proprietary tools, tools IKONIC give to the casual gamer, IKONIC allow users to catalog the moments from their lives onto a blockchain and then view that content on demand through virtual reality or moving through the world.

For your NFT, you can include images and videos.

Stand out and pick your favorite design of many cool templates

Make your edits to just publish the best moment

Set quantity, description and price to mint your Ikonic NFT

Get to Know About IKONIC and Its Range of Opportunities
IKONIC is not just a marketplace. It is a community movement. As a community, the passion for gaming is a powerful force that together great things can be achievable such as;

-creating a platform for a new business structure with gaming services which will allow new exciting and innovating game tittles.

-Creating a launchpad which will create wealth for everyday gaming on the metaverse for IDIE block chain games.

-creating and expanding a market for all in-game assets which will sustain creation and will help strive forward.

It was a ground-breaking application that enabled users to print video game footage onto NFT that laid the groundwork for the company’s first four endeavors.

It was a ground-breaking application that enabled users to print video game footage onto NFT that laid the groundwork for the company’s first four endeavors. Here is a video demonstration of how it works. This program already incorporates NFT printing, allowing gamers to print directly from their real console!

IKONIC is the only company in the industry with this concept, giving it an advantage in terms of market penetration. While the demo highlights the app’s utility for casual gamers, the technology behind it may also prove immensely advantageous for professional game streams. This core product and its surrounding community are certain to attract eSports teams and event organizers alike. However, blockchain technology will enable them to generate more revenue streams from their assets than they could have envisioned.


The original design will place a premium on game-clip NFTs. As a result, gamers can easily monetize their own recorded gameplay. After IKONIC enters advanced development, a larger market for game-related digital assets can be established on top of the existing marketplace infrastructure and community. The growth of the marketplace benefits IKONIC’s gaming as a service. launchpad conceptualizations, as mentioned below.

Have you ever visited the home of a collector to see how they display their NFTS? What an incredible trophy collection they have! Finally, IKONIC is bringing this experience to the world of digital non-volatile memory (NFT). In IKONIC, owning NFTs — both video clips and in-game assets — feels like possessing a tangible object with which you can interact and socialize, making them more valuable than alternative NFTs.


Information IKONIC

Website — https://www.ikonic.gg/
Telegram — https://t.me/ikonic_moment
Twitter — https://twitter.com/official_ikonic
Medium — https://medium.com/ikonic
LinkedIn — https://www.linkedin.com/company/ikonic-official/
Discord — https://discord.gg/GgSD6B55

Bitcointalk Username : Aiko Ryzuka
Bitcointalk Profile Url : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=3397304
Telegram: @aikoryzuka
BEP-20 wallet address: 0xA24009B0041b50f38f745f3A91f8552304E42483




article, loving therapy, home ideas

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Aiko Ryzuka

Aiko Ryzuka

article, loving therapy, home ideas

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