Influencio: It Reinvented Influencer Marketing And Is Now Rewarding Content Creators

Aiko Ryzuka
4 min readFeb 2, 2022


Meet a new way to create, market and monetise content. Influencio’s platform promotes word of mouth and authentic communication between brands and their audience.

In today’s world, words carry more weight than they ever have, especially when they’re accompanied by action. Influencio is a platform that allows brands and content creators to work together through the very communities that allow their voices to grow, and become the most powerful marketing technique of our time.

Influencio has changed the paradigm of advertising with its complete interference software, it allows influencers to be fairly compensated for any work done for a free or for profit business.

The Influencio model works by incentivising people to share compelling content but with a reward. This approach changes the entire complexion of the relationship between influencers or niche communities, brands and their audiences by making everyone equally valued on our platform.

Influencio are creating a new eco-system that rewards authenticity, quality content and open communication-where everyone have an exciting role to play.

In order to succeed, brands need more than a few passionate fans. They need an army of fans that work for them, share their message and bring in new customers at no expense.

Influencio is building a decentralised system that uses content sharing of its users and crypto token rewards to build communities around a brand or message.

And each community votes about the next topics the influencers should talk about -growing virality and loyalty in one go.

Influencio have recently been working with cryptocurrency and blockchain communities, in order to solve the problems they face in marketplace content generation.

Large corporate social media platforms are monopolising the conversation, demanding that many crypto projects and communities give away their share of rewards just to interact with an audience.

On Influencio. Influencio want to put power back into the hands of content creators.

In short, Influencio has reinvented influencer marketing. It has introduced an element of gamification to the whole process.

It is a software solution for brands, agencies and platforms to build content sharing communities around their products and services; rewarding creators with cryptocurrency tokens, as well as with products not just cash

The Influencio protocol rewards content creation, enabling large brands to amplify their message throughout the network and rewarding creators for their work.

Anyone can create and build a community for anything, without the need for middlemen or third parties. Influencio is a new approach to influencer marketing, which makes the platform accessible to anyone.

In the past year, content is valued more than gold. More and more individuals are finding ways to profit from their content online. Influencio aims to change that and have a new way of thinking about how influencers are rewarded

In the same way that blockchain is slowly taking over the likes of Uber, Amazon and eBay, it’s also moving into a new industry.

The power to create communities through shared interests and opinions is harnessed by Influencio .

Influencio is a rewards-based influencer marketing platform that helps to incentivise and reward the world’s one billion social media influencers.

Influencio is not just another ICO whitepaper, but it shows you what they’re going to do to solve this issue of programmatic advertising.

The Influencio platform has already created a thriving community of gamers around their alpha product and the response has been very positive.

It’s just one example of how the principles underpinning blockchain technology are being used in different industries to create value for consumers.

Influencio believes that value should flow through the community, with power given to those creating the content and to the users who share it. It has over 100,000 people signed up to get their hands on tokens at the earliest possible opportunity.

In the same way that miners verify and add transaction records to the blockchain and proof of work, Influencio will reward content creators and curators as they create high quality organic growth.

In a time of great marketing disruption, Influencio works with brands to incentivize customers, influencers and other key target audiences to spread the word in digital ways.

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