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LUNI is a meme/utility token. It was designed as a meme token but it also comes with real features, some of which are unique for the whole chain. This document describes those features, along with their technical implementation and rules behind them.

LUNI is a meme token. That’s it. But behind LUNI there’s a utility token with real features. Some of them are unique for the whole crypto-currency ecosystem.

We created LUNI as a meme coin with values and features. The chain comes with unique features such as a built in second layer that allows for lightning network on the chain, smart contracts, and more. Furthermore, no other full chain allows you to create memes and send them across the world as quickly as LUNI! We created this chain as an experiment but we’ve been overwhelmed by its reception. People love memes but they also love real utility tokens.

LUNI originally was a meme token for the DogeCoin community, and has gained critical mass with approximately 1.5 million total coins in circulation. With LUNI being a meme / artsy coin, it also comes with real features. There is no more than 91.2 million possible LUNI that can be generated, which is designed to make it rare (Art piece), while trading on a marketplace that may not have much value to different people, could deanonymize people’s addresses.

Cryptocurrency has a problem. Current options for storing your crypto are not ideal for everyone. LUNI Coin offers a solution to this problem by combining a meme based token with real features, like encrypted messaging and secure offline storage. Never lose your crypto again.

Think of LUNI as a meme, but it’s a real token. Forking a blockchain is easy to do these days. Tokenomics and network effects are easier to manipulate than one would expect. The possibility of fixing fundamental flaws in cryptocurrency by starting over exists.

LUNI is forking BTC because BTC has fundamental design flaws and can’t evolve the changes needed to support its own network effect, much less that of other coins. LUNI was proposed before etherium classic was ever born, so if you fork eth, then the money you pull out of it comes from the project that actually fixed many of the

LUNI is a meme token that is used for social media tipping and in-game purchases. The LUNI blockchain uses FPGA technology to deter ASICs and let GPU miners compete fairly, without a lottery system. The LUNI wallet has a built-in tip router that allows you to tip any address, regardless of the recipient’s balance.

Whether you want to participate in airdrops or trade, the LUNI token has got you covered.

Come join our community and learn about the LUNI coin. LUNI is a decentralized, digital currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. LUNI transfers are not only practically free, but theyre fast — transactions take an average of just five seconds to confirm.

Using the LUNI token, you can send money anywhere, to anyone, anytime– without Swift codes, bank accounts or impractical and expensive banking services.

LUNI is a meme/utility token. LUNI was designed as a meme token but it also comes with real features, some of which are unique for the whole chain. A few of those features include: 100% transparent supply and demand price mechanisms based off of social media popularity, permanent statistics sharing, smart contracts for content distribution and creation, 11 children tokens to be distributed through child mining protocols and funding incentives that directly reward users for bringing new people into the system.

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