Mliki: A Hybrid Marketplace That Combines The Best Of Online and Offline Shopping

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If you are looking for an all-encompassing marketplace that combines the best of online and offline shopping, Mliki is the place. Mliki makes it possible to buy physical goods via an innovative touch-to-buy feature on its platform. This means you can use Mliki to purchase anything from eco-friendly paraffin wax heaters sourced on your local market, to digital game assets, like in-game skins. However, Mliki does not stop there — it also integrates a marketplace so that users can list digital items or NFTs such as ingame skins, on their marketplace.
Nowadays, there are millions of people who enjoy digital items but have trouble spending their fiat money on them because of the hassle in converting that money into cryptocurrencies. And this also goes for purchasing physical goods online: if you want to buy something online it will take around 2 weeks to get it delivered sometimes longer. Mliki wants to make it possible to purchase any kind of item (digital or physical) at the touch of a finger from one location.

What is milki Mliki?
Mliki is a global marketplace for digital items and physical goods with no upper limit. Mliki aspires to create a hybrid marketplace that will allow users to purchase both physical goods and digital items such as NFTs with the swipe of a finger on a mobile device.

Social commerce has risen to prominence as the new impulse aisle and, in some cases, as the new shopping mall, according to the New York Times. Untangling the extent to which retail marketing is fragmented continues to be the most significant and urgent impediment to the success of Social Commerce initiatives. Various options are available when it comes to distribution channels, including direct-to-consumer websites, e-commerce, and physical storefronts. While this increases the variety of options available to end users, it has no effect on the organization’s agility or effectiveness.

Mliki Hybrid Marketplace
According to Mliki, a hybrid marketplace exists where both centralized and decentralized functions are performed simultaneously and seamlessly. Using the following solutions, the Mliki Hybrid marketplace will address the issues that currently exist in traditional social commerce:

-Adopt Blockchain Technology To Improve Security
A large portion of the security and safety concerns associated with traditional eCommerce platforms have been alleviated by the fact that blockchain continues to be one of the most secure technologies currently in use. We will not ask you for any personal information, with the exception of your email address for KYC purposes. Protecting yourself from prying eyes is made possible by the privacy feature common to blockchain technology. End-to-end encryption makes it more difficult for digital items to be stolen because it protects them from all sides.

The end-to-end encryption used by the platform and its users reduces the hacker footprint to the bare minimum, especially when combined with the integrated chain technology. Because of this, account and character hacking on the site will be significantly reduced. Alternatively, because the technology is open-source and public, anyone on or off the network can view all transactions and the timestamps associated with them because the technology is open-source and publicly accessible. This assists the community in identifying and preventing ongoing hacks as soon as they occur.

With the help of blockchain technology, the number of downtimes caused by target attacks is being reduced as well. This is due to the fact that blockchain is not being developed on a single server or network, and that the computation is distributed equally across all nodes on the network. This will ensure that Mliki is always available and that his removal will be a difficult task.

-Increasing Revenue Through the Use of Social Media
Increased awareness of a product or service is a good thing, but it does not guarantee an increase in revenue. As soon as customers begin purchasing the product, revenue is generated. The primary goal of the sales team is to persuade the buyer to make the purchase of the goods in question. One of the most straightforward methods for accomplishing this is to recruit existing customers as marketing partners by encouraging them to recommend the product to their friends and contacts on social media networks.

-Payment Alternatives That Are Both Convenient and Economically Beneficial
Mliki’s payment methods and marketplace are streamlined and regulated to ensure that any asset or purchase made on our e-commerce platform is subject to the same fees and charges, if any are applicable. Because pricing is regulated and consistent across all locations, there will be no need to be concerned about price increases in the future. This is made easier by the native token feature, which requires only the bare minimum in transaction costs, allowing us to grow our customer base more quickly.

Customer incentives and group purchasing
In order to obtain lower prices than purchasing products individually, Mliki will encourage customers to purchase in bulk. For the purpose of increasing sales activity in the Mliki marketplace, a referral program and a loyalty program will be implemented.

Token Economy Mliki

Token economies have emerged as a result of blockchain’s decentralized nature. The MLIKI Token (MLIKI) will be used to fund the development of MLIKI as a Hybrid Marketplace. Utility token for the Mliki ecosystem, Mliki Token (MLIKI) provides value to the protocol’s users. With a limited supply that can never be increased, Polygon and Binance Smart Chain have created the Mliki Token (MLIKI), a multi-chain token that can be used on both chains.
The days of creating a token solely as a currency in a closed economy are over. factors such as these now play an important role in how well a token performs.

Release Schedules
Initial Circulating Supply
Valuation at Listing
Max Supply
Max Valuation at Offered Price
Early Investor Bonuses
Market-making Capacity

The value of the Mliki token is bolstered by our intuitive rationale for creating token use cases and deep understanding of the supply and demand.

Ticker: MLIKI
Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
Decimal: 18
Block Explore:
Tax Buy And Sell : 6%
1% redistribution to holder
2% goes to treasury wallet
1% goes to blackhole wallet (burn)
2% goes to liquidity


Communities can be built around tokens, and this can lead to an increase in the number of people using them. Because of the complexity of this, it’s impossible for metrics to be designed with a slingshot of numbers on a spreadsheet.

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