Moorex: A Community Based DeFi Token That Feeds You 1% Per Transaction

The Moorex token is a stake in the community. Holders of the Moorex token receive a never ending cycle of passive income from the 1% transaction tax that is distributed every 24 hours based on the volume of transactions within 24 hours. Another 1% goes to charity for business grants and it is up to the community to vote for projects that can be funded.

The other 98% will be staked by Moorex Chain Capital for 100 years on top of Binance chain.

Bringing transparency and anonymity into charity in the finance sector. as DeFi, Moorex token is a multi-chain community focused on delivering financial inclusion to all. Built upon the foundation of blockchain, Moorex token is poised to change the lives of millions and will bring the desired transparency back into charity.

Welcome to Moorex. A new era of community based decentralized technology. Started as a charity focused DeFi token, Moorex has a mission to bring transparency and anonymity into charity in the finance sector.

Showcasing Moorex is easy! On the website you can instantly buy, sell and trade tokens practically anywhere in the world.

With our multiple style users will have the ability to instantly buy, sell and trade right from their smartphones without having to be on a computer!

Moorex is a community based DeFi token created by an anonymous trading expert with a mission to bring transparency into charity while still giving back to the community. Taking 0.75% of every transaction, Moorex donates this money directly to charity organizations and businesses seeking business grants.

While blockchain technology may be used for digital ledger transactions as a public ledger, it also allows anyone to send money anywhere in the world nearly instantaneously and lower transaction costs compared to most other currencies or payment methods.

With Moorex, MooRex have created a supply-side DeFi currency that provides on average 0.1% per transaction tax and then will donate 100% of all proceeds from this tax towards any philanthropic cause whether it be a non-profit organization or someone in need of financial support.

As for the 0.1%, 50% goes to the charity wallet and 50% goes towards funding projects that are voted on by the community members holding Moorex tokens. It truly is your network; everyone in it can vote, take part in discussions, make suggestions and receive funds donated to you as a project founder responsible for running said project.

Businesses seeking businesses grants work closely with the Moorex Community Advisory Panel (CAP) which is comprised of top industry experts that

Thousands of transactions are happening around the world every single second, yet only the financial sector is benefiting from it. Moorex token will change that by offering transparency and anonymity into charity.

The charity wallet is publicly observable on the blockchain and anyone can apply for a business grant if they’d like to start a new charity project with Moorex token tax collections.

Moorex is a community based DeFi token where users can receive 1% transaction fee share on all transactions forever. Moorex is DeFi Powered because of its use of the Binance Chain and full integration with the Binance DEX at the core.

As Moorex continues to grow and add markets, our users will be able to provide grants for charity causes globally.

A community-based DeFi token designed to help in charitable works. Moorex charges 1% per transaction and pays 100% of that as a transaction fee to its holders, as well as 1% of the total supply to charity. You can also earn by staking with MAID, BQX, CMT and META!

Do you believe in charity?

Do you believe that everyone deserves a chance to make their mark on this world? Well now there is a way to help people and side step the profit oriented response of “charity” by raising and donating money.

The Moorex community wants to bring trust and transparency into the world of charity and DeFi, while rewarding the tokens holders.

Shopping with Moorex is a great way to get rich. Earn a 1% Transaction Expense Fee (TEC) from every purchase made with Moorex token. You are the one who gets to decide on where the transaction tax goes to.

MooRex is a community based DeFi peer-to-peer open-source token. MooRex makes itself different than other DeFi tokens like Maker, Dai, Compound and others by being financed by donations rather than through a token sale.

Donations can be made to the MooRex address on Ethereum main net as well as Binance’s blockchain, and 100% of the donations will be forwarded to charitable causes.

Bring value to the community with MOOREX token. As well as being able to exchange your MOOREX on multiple trading platforms, you’ll receive global transparency and accountability at 1% per transaction as well as charitable grants. Talk about using your crypto for good!

No middlemen. 100% of token holders receive income from the 1% transaction tax. 100% of the revenue generated from the 1% transaction tax goes back to you and all other MOX token holders.

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Bitcointalk username : Aiko Ryzuka
Bitcointalk profile url :;u=3397304

Proof of Authentication :

Telegram Username: @aikoryzuka

BEP-20 wallet address: 0xA24009B0041b50f38f745f3A91f8552304E42483

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Aiko Ryzuka

Aiko Ryzuka

article, loving therapy, home ideas

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