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Pokemonio knew what was going on and with the new kind of platform this team wanted to create, they wanted to revolutionize the entire gaming and crypto industry.
Below you will find the most important information about the Pokemonio project. Join us and get financial independence. The Pokemonio token is built on the BSC DeFi ecosystem. DeFi is a movement that uses a decentralized network to turn outdated financial products into a transparent and trustless protocol that operates without the use of mediators. The BSC DeFi market has grown to the point where many DeFi Protocols are considering switching to BSC to retain their customers.

What is Pokemonio?
Based on the Binance Smart Chain, Pokemonio is a cutting-edge project. NFT trading and passive income generation are both possible through this platform.
Pokemonio is a platform for Non-Fungible Token (NFT) collectors and traders, combining the best of blockchain technology and gaming. It allows users to own digital assets, mine collectibles, and engage in decentralized commerce.
The Pokemonio team has designed various games and products that provide an excellent user experience and facilitate passive income from betting, mining, trading and other activities related to NFT.

Products from POKEMONIO
Based on the Binance Smart Chain, PokeDex is a new type of decentralized token exchange. You don’t have to wait long, and you only have to pay a symbolic chain fee to exchange different BEP20 tokens.
Start by connecting your wallet and selecting the token you want to trade from the list or by entering your own token contract address.

PokeStaking — a passive way to earn money.
Earn POK tokens by posting different BEP20 tokens on the PokeStaking platform. It pays to stake a lot of tokens. Reward tokens and staked tokens are always available for withdrawal.

Why use Pokemonio?
Why should you use our token instead of others? The advantages that distinguish Pokemonio from other packs.
Like other DeFi BSC ecosystems, Pokemonio also needs
flexible, secure, fast and low cost performance, unlock more
opportunities for new services, a more significant number of collaborations
partners, and the expression of greater economic value. Business
the environment must be decentralized, open, and reliable, among other things.

1. Safe & Secure
Pokemonio smart contracts have been fully audited by leading specialized companies, so the community can feel 100% safe.

2. Liquidity Locked
To ensure the safety of investors’ funds, Unicrypt will lock down all liquidity of the Pokemonio exchange for a full year after the ICO closes. There’s no need to be concerned about the safety of your money.

3. Token Redistribution
Token holders will receive 2% of each transaction as a reward, and the remaining 2% will be used for marketing purposes.

4. Monthly Burn
Manual token burning will be carried out by the Team every month, increasing the value of Pokemonio tokens over time.

5. Passive Income
Holders will be able to earn additional passive income in the form of Pokemonio tokens after staking and lending implementations.

6. Fast Transactions with Low Fees
Since Pokemonio runs on the Binance Smart Chain, transactions can be completed in seconds and at very low fees.

People in their twenties and thirties who grew up in the current era are heirs to a time when Pokémon Go was king of the adventure and entertainment charts. A toast to the pokephilic is in order when this idea is combined with the DeFi Hybrid NFT marketplace.
If you haven’t heard about the Non-Fungible Tokens craze, you’ve been living under a rock (NFTs). The blockchain is preparing to publish the work of celebrities, digital artists, and other creatives. Something that is one of a kind, collectible and unreplicable is what this cryptocurrency stands for.
An NFT can easily be compared to a shiny Pokémon card. When it comes to printing one, anyone can do it and make it look like a real one. It’s not the same for a collector, however. Because of its rarity and authenticity, the shiny Pokémon card is of great value to us.
It’s the same with an NFT. NFT’s accompanying image or item can be downloaded freely, but this does not imply ownership of it.
NFTs for digital artworks, melodies, gifs, and videos are more common. They can also be used to represent video game items in other financial staking products. Because NFTs and crypto art aren’t constrained by a single format, the possibilities for your new NFT’s originality are virtually limitless. It all comes down to which network you choose to create your token.

Pokemonio Tokenomics

POK Max. Supply: 500 000 000

View Pokemonio on Binance Smart Chain

300 mln POK — Locked for PokeStaking, PokeLending, PokeNFT, PokeGames rewards (60%)

50 mln POK — Pokemonio Token public pre-sale on website (10%)

50 mln POK — Pokemonio Token public sale on Pinksale.Finance (10%)

50 mln POK — Liquidity lock (10%)

15 mln POK — Promotion and Advertisment (3%)

15 mln POK — Exchange listings (3%)

7,5 mln POK — Development (1,5%)

5 mln POK — Reserve (1%)

5 mln POK — Airdrops and Bounty campaign (1%)

2.5 million POK — Team (0.5%)

Pokemonio (POK) contract address: 0x20EF6E8e76bE1C0a8290BaBA950754dfb09BA4Fe (Visit)

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More Information

Website: https://pokemonio.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PokemonioToken

Telegram: https://t.me/PokemonioGroup

Whitpaper: https://pokemonio.com/PokemonioWhitepaper.pdf


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