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Cryptocurrencies, a form of digital currency, have become a hot topic in the industry in recent years. Even some financial professionals believe that Bitcoin (an example of a cryptocurrency) will become a new currency in the digital age.
Change is here. With the new upcoming blockchain technology, Pulsar, it’s going to restructure the way we do business. Pulsar provides the foundation and framework for all existing financial & technology solutions to utilize blockchain technology.
As a first and foremost goal, it should be accessible to anyone interested in joining the crypto-community, regardless of prior knowledge. Instead of forking an existing blockchain, we decided to create the Pulsar blockchain with the end user in mind. This would give pulsar team full control in giving the end-user a simple and fluid interaction with the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Cryptocurrency exchange can be scary and difficult to understand even for veterans, of Blockchain is becoming one of today’s most talked about technologies and with good reason.

Pulsar Coin
Pulsar is a digital currency that will be the median of Pulsar Coin current and future platform. The transaction will be built on this foundation.. In order to withstand the high volume of traffic with the coin in the exchange application, it is necessary to have a large amount of the coin on hand. The Pulsar Coin will be used inside the platform as a transaction currency for all forms of payments, fees, and trades.
The Pulsar Coin will be a trading entity on other exchanges, and can be exchanged for other coins and tokens in and out of our exchange. We will have a dedicated market for Pulsar coin inside our exchange as well.
The Pulsar Platform is a digital marketplace where people can trade and exchange goods through the use of cryptocurrencies without the need of a central authority.

The following are the main features of the Pulsar Coin:
Pulsar Coin offers many features like staking and investment for those users who want to do that.

  1. The PLSR Coin

As the midpoint between our current and future platforms, Pulsar Coin (PLSR) is a great choice. All transactions will be built on its foundation. In order to withstand the high volume of traffic with the coin in the exchange application, it is necessary to have a large amount of the coin on hand. The US dollar is the most straightforward unit of comparison because it does not account for inflation.

2. Reinvestment Strategy:

A portion of the profits generated by our coin will be reinvested in the project. When it comes to this type of technology, it’s only right that we keep up with the pace of progress.
For this reason, we do not intend to carry out a sell-back of any tokens that we have already issued. Although it’s not likely, we will use a portion of our firm’s profit to buy back some tokens and burn them to keep the price floor in place.

3. Pulsar Tokenomics:

Pulsar Coin (PLSR) is the median of the current and future Pulsar platform. This will be the core of the whole exchange. The goal is to have a very high amount to be able to withstand a high volume of traffic with coins within the exchange app. The easiest comparison is the US dollar, without inflation. With the Pulsar blockchain, Pulsar has eliminated the use of ASIC miners. This form of mining has been shown to have negative effects on the environment and the climate as a whole. Currently, the blockchain ecosystem is moving from a Proof of Work reward system to a Proof of Bet reward system. Pulsar is a compromise between the two systems, supporting both Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake rewards. With their chosen algorithm, CPU mining usage is still allowed, although it is a bit more difficult to mine compared to other blockchains. Implementing both reward systems into the blockchain allows for maximum functionality/efficiency while also protecting some of the more common vulnerabilities that undermine a full Proof-of-Stake blockchain.
Total Supply: 500,000,000 (500 Million)
Development Team’s Supply: 50,000,000 (50 Million)
Launch Supply: 450,000,000 (450 Million)

Roadmap Pulsar Coin

Pulsar Coin is a cryptocurrency project that has been in development for quite some time. A team with a lot of potential was formed, and it was used for both Proof Of Staking and Proof Of Work purposes. Work began on a new project afterward. Innovative concepts such as wallets, savings tools, and other cool concepts were extremely difficult to bring to life. The main Token was then launched, and it has been a huge success, and it is now listed on Coinpaprica, where it is leading the charts and other metrics.

At its core, the challenge of cryptocurrencies is how to make them available to the mass market. The Pulsar project started with the premise that digital money could be designed for the mass market. Pulsar Coin, like all blockchain currencies, can help people access financial services. However, to fulfill this promise, Pulsar will have to work closely with financial companies and banks to use their current system architecture and processes.
The development team behind Pulsar is doing everything in their power to ensure that the company thrives. The price of Pulsar Coin will increase as fast as the company grows. Pulsar will continue to build new features and update its technology in the future which means that Pulsar Coin has a promising future ahead of it.

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