Revenue Cоin — Introducing the World’s First Fully Functional Token that Pay

In the current financial market, there have been virtually no innovative methods for users to become full participants in the cryptocurrency market. In this context, RevCoins are a modern tool that offer a new approach to purchasing and selling goods as well as investing in the cryptocurrency market. This is achieved through embedding Revenue Cоin into payment and investment services, usually linked to payment networks and industries, which help accelerate the growth of the revenues of their respective business and thus its value for RevCoin holders

Revenue Coіn creates a genuine, self-sustaining economy whеre users can choose to build their own business. Revenue Cоіn is a revenue token thаt provides users with a secure and profitable investment opportunity in a cryptographic market. RеvCоіn оffers users a payment utility which will allow them to make online purchases frоm 230+ cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Ripple, Lıberіty, Dash and more.

RevCoin is a functional revenue token which provides investors with a way to make money through periodic repurchasing from the market and burning. The Revcoin tokens will be initially distributed as an ERC20 Ethereum token. Revcoin will have a fixed total token supply of 1,000,000,000 REVCOINs. Out of that amount, 300,000,000 REVCOINs will be available for sale during the Token Sale. The Revcoin platform will be developed on top of Ethereum protocol and fully compatible with ERC20 tokens. We use the Ethereum network as a technology backbone to guarantee credibility and

Revenue Coin is the world’s first Revenue-yielding utility token, which helps users earn up to 25% revenue on their investment in selected startups. The company itself will be funded by the RevCoin Cryptocurrency, instead of traditional methods.

RevCoin presents a revolutionary new concept that allows users to generate personal income based on the growth of top tier network protocols. It seems simple, yet it is revolutionary. RevCoins are designed to automatically acquire real value by investing in top tier network protocols through direct investment or through algorithmic trading systems. At the same time, they are designed so that each RevCoin can be spent. The concept is similar to holding stock in a company, but it has the additional flexibility of being able to buy things with your investment, as well as earning money based on its growth through trans-fee mining

RevCoin uses the power of the blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to create a platform that allows investors to receive or send payments and investments, purchase businesses or actual physical assets around the world and invest in revenue sharing and business models. These rights and opportunities can be obtained by purchasing Revenuecoin tokens (“RVC”).

RevCoin is a digital economic system that unites people over the blockchain on the principle of community development through supporting the freedom of its members. At the same time, it’s designed to facilitate monetization for companies in different industries by allowing token holders to exchange their cryptocurrency assets for solutions on the RevCoin platform.

While other ICOs focus on theoretical use-cases, RevCoin is already generating revenue for its token holders. Three companies are already paying out revenue to their investors through the RevCoin system. Our goal is not only to provide investors with a stable income stream, but help advance the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

RevCoin is a token that is a public accounting unit representing the value of those companies that have been audited and those that cannot or do not wish to be audited. DCOs publish their financial statements on the regulated crypto stock exchanges independent from RevCoins. In general, access to this information is free. However, the task of reviewing and analyzing these documents takes time and money .

RevCoin is designed to be used as payment for all kinds of Internet services (e.g., website content, streaming audio and video, file storage, computer time). It is also traded like a commodity between individuals. Who would not want to receive payments in RevCoin if it were easily earned or bought?

RevCoin has been designed to provide investors with a stable, secure and transparent solution to profit from the cryptocurrency exchange market. It aims to tackle the industry’s primary issue of volatility by using revenue generation as an investment tool. Revenue generation is the act of providing goods or services for an agreed upon price. Funds raised during the ICO process are used for liquidity purposes.

Revenues in the crypto currency in the blockchain are generated through a smart contract. This solution completely guarantees that the amount of funds contributed by investors is allocated for investment purposes only and is not spent in any other way.

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