Revenue Coin is an essential tool for the crypto community.

Aiko Ryzuka
4 min readApr 4, 2022


Revenue Coin makes it possible for all crypto investors to participate in promising, high-tech start ups with a shared customer base and a simple interface. Revenue Capital is a unique token that combines the features of stock, bond and fund in one.
Over the past few months, cryptocurrency has been experiencing a boom like never before. On the one hand, prices are venturing into previously uncharted waters and attracting attention from those who have never even dreamed of cryptocurrencies.
The Revenue Coin Ecosystem helps to build and improve companies by ensuring access to a community of investors, customers, and ecosystems.

About Revenue Coin
Revenue Coin is a BEP-20 token, an integral part of the Revenue Capital ecosystem which supports promising, high-tech companies by distributing funds and ensuring access to a shared customer base. Revenue Coin tokenomics stimulates the growing demand for RVC tokens over time.
RVC is an essential tool for the crypto community. This coin combines two trends that are paramount to investors in the digital world: investing in promising companies and cryptocurrencies

The Revenue coin Capital ecosystem aims to help innovative projects in various industries to grow and develop. By integrating with our project, companies can get access to the entire customer base of the Revenue Capital ecosystem, as well as receive funding through the distribution of funds and business development support.
Revenue coinare building a global platform that will unite tens of thousands of partners around the world and millions of customers, who will be able to spend their RVC tokens at any partner of the Revenue Capital ecosystem.


Mechanics and future value of Revenue Coin:

  • Growth factors
    Revenue Capital is ushering in a new era that allows early-stage start-ups to access vital funding by selling future revenues instead of giving up equity. This innovative approach to capital raising and fund management has evolved through the combined experience of their two portfolio companies, both blockchain-based companies: Exeria and Skyrocket. Revenue Capital has developed a forward-thinking solution for beginning, up-and-coming entrepreneurs to gain access to funding by offering future monthly revenues and also by facilitating exchanges for the trading of tokens to allow for advanced options leveraging the value created from an increasing demand in cryptocurrency.
  • Revenue Coin growth model
    Revenue Coin is a tool that allows you to check the performance of your separate portfolio of cryptocurrencies and Forex. You can easily check the value of your shares in 10 years down the line, depending on the average annual growth rate of all Revenue Capital projects portfolio and their share in trading on cryptoexchanges.

Revenue Coin is a peer-to-peer, fully decentralized revenue generating network with a token that is supported by several long-term revenue streams from across the crypto space. Revenue Coin has several opportunities to grow into one of the most valuable crypto tokens for investors. One of the key benefits of RVC is that it sits within an established, working business — revenue capital, thus building on a solid foundation, and not merely a concept with nothing behind it. Ultimately, advertisers who hold RVC tokens will have access to the Revenue Capital global filter for active listings easily and quickly, enabling them to attract traffic from around the world. Revenue Coin tokenomics also allows growth in value on a monthly basis as RVC user base increases the demand for its services.

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