Securing Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Wallets & Transfers With PayRue

Aiko Ryzuka
3 min readDec 15, 2021


Securing Cryptocurrency Exchanges, Wallets & Transfers With PayRue
PayRue is a global financial platform that brings together exchanges, wallets, and transfers with cryptocurrencies. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden in June 2018, PayRue’s goal is to support the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

It does this by offering secure and user-friendly apps that lets you track and calculate your cryptocurrency portfolio as well as transfer money securely for a minimal fee.

After establishing PayRue, Mikael, who has a background in the financial market, found that various cryptocurrency businesses do not have adequate protection. This results in numerous cases of theft and damages. To solve these issues, Mikael and his partners created PayRue to be a decentralized financial platform that operates exchanges, wallets, and transfers with cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain based online payment processor supports Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Mikael Olofsson, CEO of PayRue, the decentralized financial platform that operates exchanges and wallets with cryptocurrencies, joins Cheddar to explain how the platform will help reduce cryptocurrency fraud.

PayRue is a decentralized financial platform that aims to remove the middleman from financial transactions with an innovative solution. PayRue gives cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, and transfers a secure and user-friendly app that offers fast and secure trading, as well as additional tools for its users.

By utilizing PayRue’s API, API-connectors and SDKs, companies in the Fintech industry will be able to increase their revenue stream while cutting their costs dramatically. This allows companies that adopt PayRue to facilitate crypto transactions with the most secure crypto wallet ever created.

Our goal is to facilitate mass adoption of cryptocurrencies thanks to secure solutions that don’t require any previous knowledge of the cryptos or blockchain technology.

PayRue combines features from popular cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets, trading platforms and multi-signature protocols. PayRue is a financial platform that provides secure, easy to use and stable systems for cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets and transfers.

PayRue enables users to execute transfers, exchanges, and trades with a swipe of their finger. Our platform ensures secure and efficient operation of the cryptocurrency economy through seamless processes for cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, transfers, and payments for vendors.

When it comes to wallets and exchanges, PayRue has your back. We use hybrid technology to secure the blockchain, and transaction information is encrypted. The platform is user-friendly, so there‘s no barrier when moving in and out of coins and using a wallet. With our app, you have everything you need in one place to manage your funds.

At PayRue, we’re dedicated to providing secure cryptocurrency exchange services and wallets to our clients. Our platform supports over 300 cryptocurrencies and aims to provide a complete solution for crypto users.

Now, you are able to store & transfer cryptocurrencies with ease. Securely! PayRue is built on a decentralized platform and only uses the most secure elements of DLT technology. You can securely store your digital assets in cold storage and manage them from your mobile or computer device!

Security is one of the biggest challenges for any cryptocurrency user, exchanges and wallets. Our centralized architecture improves security for all users but does not focus at transfers, withdrawals and other P2P processes.

These are opportunistic target areas since they are directly related to exchanges’ profits, thus the need for our Decentralized Security Model where the risk is distributed over a large area of computers with no single point of failure.

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