SOREX — Artificial Intelligence Automated Crypto Investment!

SOREX. It’s a bold way to trade. SOREX will automatically determine the risk-reward ratio for you, collect your funds, then invest in over 300 cryptocurrencies in a very specific way based on a well-tuned mathematical algorithm and managed by our AI technology. What are you waiting for? You can download it on your Android or iOS smartphone now.SOREX take things to the next level in the world of trading.
It is a solution for markets where it is impossible for human traders and investors to time precisely. The team behind the app has been studying the cycle of each coin since last spring and has tested extensively along with other leading scientists in the field of crypto trading strategies, the AI ​​software that will act as your crypto broker.

What is SOREX?
SOREX, an artificial intelligence managed app trading with the crypto market that catches the trend and gives you significant profits in the short term by making first place marketing investments to the top 300 cryptocurrencies.
it is a fully automated Crypto Trading Platform capable of predicting multiple and inaccurate cryptocurrency price movements within minutes and seconds.
SOREX is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency world by automating crypto trading systems thanks to a unique innovative algorithm. SOREX solves the difficulties of the crypto world by creating an active crypto portfolio that guarantees hundreds of percent profit growth every year.

Earn passive income trading Artificial Intelligence with a pre-trained time series prediction neural network.

-The crypto market
It takes less than a minute to buy or sell one of over 300 different cryptocurrencies. Safe and convenient trading can be done at any location.

-A round-the-clock service
Got an issue? Get in touch with us.
You can reach a member of our customer service staff at any time. All the time of the year round, every day of the year.

-Binary Alternatives
What will happen to the economy? Double your bet if you can predict the price’s movement.
There are more than 300 different cryptocurrencies to choose from.

-3 LVL Referral Program

Each time you refer a friend to us, you’ll earn rewards on all three levels 1. LVL — 20% 2. LVL — 10% 3. LVL — 5%

-NFT Loans
Lend and Borrow your NFTs as collateral. Loans are available in USDT, BUSD, and SRX currencies.

What’s the deal?
1.Risk Free Value (RFV) Fund, Buy & Sell Fees
A portion of the buy and sell fees help sustain the Sorex Treasury revenue. 5–10% of the trading volume is redirected to the Sorex Treasury, to help control the Sorex Autostaking Protocol distribution.

2.Staking Rewards, SRX Token
A treasury-backed currency with intrinsic value automatically compounds..

3.Automatic Burn Program
Initial funding for the program includes 10 million $SRX set aside solely for burning purposes, with additional funds being made available as needed. Our burn operations will be linear and automated in order to avoid being a pump and dump program. A 2–4 percent weekly burn rate is planned. This percentage is subject to change.
Over the course of the weeks, this percentage will fluctuate.

SRX Tokens will be released simultaneously on ETH, BSC, AVAX, and FTM on April 21, 2022.
Complete Supply — 1,500,000 SRX
Blockchains — ETH, BSC, AVAX, FTM
SRX Token Launch — 21.04.2022
SRX Listing Price — $1.00
Double Options — 28.02.2022
Venture Program “PLANS” — 28.02.2022
SRX Pre-send off Staking — 03.03.2022
NFT Loans — 10.03.2022

Clossing, The app uses an intelligent extrapolation algorithm that uses the Polynomial Regression method with time series predictions to extrapolate the next values in the time series. SOREX will be a major revolution for the industry of cryptocurrency, creating artificial intelligence “investors” that are extremely powerful and will allow you to generate a passive income from cryptocurrencies. Unlike investing yourself, where you need to spend a lot of time looking for trades, trading pairs, decide which pairs to invest in etc , the AI ​​will do all this work for you!

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Aiko Ryzuka

Aiko Ryzuka

article, loving therapy, home ideas

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