Spume: The Decentralized Community Holder-owned Marketplace!

Aiko Ryzuka
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Holder-owned marketplaces are not just for digital collectibles, but the coming era of data exchange. Data is scarce and valuable. The holders of the exchanges themselves must be fairly rewarded. Spume is the first holder-owned exchange, where those who hold SPUME share in the revenue.

Spume plans to return the power back to the holders through various features. One such feature is directly paying out a percentage of each purchase to those who hold SPUME. Another feature is discouraging sale/shorting of NIFTY items by making it more costly and time consuming. Lastly, Spume will add games, based on community feedback!

What is spume?
Spume is a decentralized community holder-owned marketplace where those who hold SPUME share in the revenue. SPUME’s mission is to give power back to the people who hold it, while also ensuring that community members are fairly compensated.
Market items are digital goods such as cards, skins, and blockchain items. These NFTs can be purchased without ever worrying that they will be taken away by a centralized corporation. There are no middle men, there is no censorship, just you and the goods you want.
The primary function of the Spume platform is to give holders the power to decide how their digital property is used and shared. Spume aim is to return the power back to the holders by providing them with a fair system. A system that gives each community member an equal say in how their digital property is used and shared.

Our initial NFT Marketplace functionality will include:
-Listing NFT for auction or for immediate purchase
-Buying and bidding on auctioned NFTs
-Ability to create collections (NFT under one contract)

SPUME initial NFT Marketplace data will include:
-Collection holder, base price, volume and percentage change in price
-The prices of individual NFT trades

-NFTS Buy & Sell: A marketplace for purchasing, selling, and bidding
-Print and create new NFT collections quickly and easily.
-Hold SPUME and Earn: Profit share for SPUME holders
-Globally Available: Anyone, anywhere can participate

OpenSea is the largest NFT marketplace and currently charges 2.5 percent on every transaction through their website. In the last 30 day (as of Jan 3), they facilitated over $2.3 Billion in volume, meaning they charged NFT traders over $50 million. With the exception of the cost of using their platform, they are an all-encompassing platform that controls all aspects of NFTS listings and trading on their site.

Decentralized autonomous NFT platform where we still charge 2.5 percent on every transaction, but that fee is distributed to SPUME holders equally….. SPUME and participation in governance are encouraged as a result of this incentive. With the help of SPUME holders, decisions about large updates to the marketplace and the addition of new utilities will be made by SPUME holders rather than centralized power.

There is a total supply of 100 million SPUME tokens, with 18 decimal places, on the ERC20 blockchain (the symbol is SPUME). The token is
Open Zeppelin’s implementation of the ERC20 standard, enhanced by the Snapshot class. We can now take a snapshot of the current Spume holder at any time thanks to the addition of the snapshot class. Anyone has access to the snapshot data because it is stored on the blockchain. Snapshots can only be taken by accounts we authorize, and will be used later for voting purposes with Spume DAO and potentially for paying prizes with NFT Marketplace. Any SPUME owner is also a shareholder in the DAO (more on this in the next section)


A team of industry and blockchain experts have worked together to create the Tokenomics Spume. For us, the most important part of our tokenomics strategy is keeping the needs of our community at the forefront of our efforts. Token utility, price stability, and community security are the building blocks of tokenomics at Spume.

There are 100,000,000.00 (one hundred million) Spume Tokens in circulation. This figure makes it easier to interpret our market cap and to achieve it more clearly. It will be easier for community members to understand profit sharing and anticipated returns if there is a relatively low supply of Spume tokens. As a result of the lower than usual supply of our tokens, the exchange will be able to list more trading pairs for them. Since most exchanges only allow for a certain number of decimal points in the price of tokens, this is especially important when tokens are used in conjunction with expensive coins.

The distribution of the Spume token supply is as follows:
20% — Public Sale
20% — DAO Treasury
15% — Early Backers
15% — Private Sale
15% — Team
10% — Liquidity
5% — Marketing



In the future, we will see decentralized data exchanges across vast swaths of the digital economy. Already today, our data defines us as free users– the choices we make, where we go, what we click, who we like, who we follow. The more information that is collected about us, the more valuable and pragmatic it is to monetize our data for a profit. But as this value is realized, who will be sharing in this revenue? Spume aims to give more power back to holders by creating holder-owned marketplaces, where those who hold SPUME share in the revenue and choose how their underlying digital property will be used.

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Fore more information

• Website: https://spume.io/
• Twitter: https://twitter.com/spumeio
• Telegram: https://t.me/spumeio
• Discord : https://discord.com/invite/jjsZNB6rmT
• Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spume.io/


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