SpyritCoin: A Cryptocurrency For Documentary Filmmakers

Aiko Ryzuka
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SpyritCoin is a utility token built on the Polygon network with two unique economic protocols; Reoccurring Tax Back to Investors, and Liquidity Acquisition. In addition to its two economic protocols, Spyrit will be built on fungible PoS blockchain technology offering instant transactions, fraud protection and no transaction costs.

SpyritCoin is a utility token built on the “Polygon” network for filmmakers, with two economical protocols; Reoccurring Tax Back to Investors and Liquidity Acquisition. As the economy grows, so does SpyritCoin and every investor who participates.

In addition, SpyritCoin enables cross platform spendable and tradeable value via an incentivized network of project creators, producers and consumers through micro-economic ecosystem practices.

Spyritcoin is the digital currency for documentary filmmakers. We created SpyritCoin to be used as payment for film services, and a safe haven for funds to be put into development for each project. Spyrit offers two separate cryptocurrency protocols within its system,Reoccurring Tax Back to Investors and Liquidity Acquisition.

Each protocol provides an in-depth service and utility for the filmmakers using Flextra.net’s services and the Spyrit coin.

SpyritCoin is a deflationary utility token designed for content creators. The Polygon network is an eco-system powered by SpyrtCoin and other tokens with built-in rewards, incentives and payment systems. Consuming this ecosystem delivers multiple streams of passive income over time, not only benefiting content creators, but developers too.

One of the primary problems that filmmakers face today is the issue of funding. As an artist myself, I believe that Cryptocurrency could be a solution to this problem.

The Polygon Network will help accomplish this by using blockchain to ensure transparency and create a dialogue between investors and filmmakers fueled by incentives on both sides.

Learning about our network will give you a better understanding about what SpyritCoin can do for filmmakers, and why it was created.

SpyritCoin is a small token economy with a total supply of 200,000 SpyritCoins. The foundation of the economy is built on opportunities created exclusively for creative individuals and Film Crews to grow their talent and skill in Documentary filmmaking. The mission is to capture and preserve historical moments that often go undocumented.

SpyritCoin is a very specific cryptocurrency created with a use-case scenario in mind; to be the tokenized currency of the Spyrit Foundation, a nonprofit organization on the Ethereum blockchain network (SpyritCoin is not an investment or security of any kind and is not offered through this document).

Our mission is to be a new kind of investment vehicle that empowers documentarians, supportive investors and qualified companies to work together. Created by filmmakers for filmmakers, SpyritCoin is a platform that allows for the creation of new disruptive funding models for documentary projects.

SpyritCoin’s network utility coin will incentivize users’ participation in the documentary film industry by protecting their identity in the form of cryptocurrency, and providing cross-border remittance services through a token called Spyrit Dollars.

Our infrastructure for global payments will allow for faster, cheaper, and more secure transfer of value, so that money can be used for what it’s meant for: helping people.

SpyritCoin is aiming to assist documentary filmmakers in any country of the world accomplish their goal to tell compelling untold stories. SpyritCoin aims to accomplish this noble goal through means of a crypto currency, which will be named along with its abbreviated form “Spyrit”, and its logo “logo/img”.

SpyritCoin is an ERC20 standard-based cryptocurrency for documentary filmmakers and investors. This coin is not to be considered or understood as an investment service, currency or otherwise. Tthe value of the SpyritCoin is not associated with the value of the content.

Spyrite Coin is ethereum-based cryptocurrency for film and video makers and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. We aim to improve the technology of cryptocurrency and make it more easily accessible to the filming community. This has been achieved by creating a cryptocurrency that utilizes a profit incentive.

With a user base nearly seven million strong and growing, Spyritecoin is a dedicated currency for the following use cases: Cryptocurrency payments — Where filmmakers typically use Bitcoin or Ethereum to pay peers or trade with fellow artists, Spyritecoin will be one option they can use, especially after our token model transition triggers.


Website : https://spyritcoin.io/
Whitepaper : https://github.com/spyritcoin/SPYRIT-Paper/blob/main/SPYRIT%20PAPER.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/spyritcoin
Telegram : https://t.me/spyritcoin
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