STABILA Decentralizes Financial System To Enhance Security, Transparency, And Efficiency

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What Is Stabila?
Stabila is the platform for decentralized applications (DApps) and financial services. Stabila is a new blockchain that is changing how people see the world of finance by decentralizing the system, enhancing security, transparency and efficiency.

STABILA is a blockchain project focused on financial system decentralization. The project is composed of six parts:

(1) Protocol

(2) Main Chain

(3) API Layer

(4) Application Layer

(5) Value Exchange

(6) Payment.

STABILA protocol provides public blockchain service with high throughput, flexibility and reliability. All of the decentralized applications in the STABILA space are licensed to counter fraud and minimize risk for users.

The STABILA protocol is an open source, enterprise-grade platform that provides public blockchain service with superior throughput, flexibility, and reliability. All financial operations can be carried out on the STABILA Protocol by means of smart contracts. The protocol itself is a decentralized network that interfaces all participants and reaches consensus via DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake).

STABILA is a project committed to financial system decentralization. It aims to establish an efficient, safe and reliable financial system without censorship and fraud, as a part of the Blockchain 3.0 revolution.

The blockchain is set to revolutionize our financial systems, but it’s a new and fairly complicated technology. STABILA Protocol , on the other hand, is straightforward. It’s an all-inclusive, public blockchain that works with businesses in mind.

We provide DApps in our marketplace to help them work together seamlessly on the blockchain and make use of both our smart device and PC wallets for maximum accessibility.

STABILA is a decentralized application (DApp) that aims to create a transparent, integrity-based, and efficient financial system. It decentralizes the current financial structure to primarily benefit its users. This financial system will develop within a stable and secure blockchain infrastructure.

All of the associated digital assets and transactions are logged on to the blockchain, so there can be public oversight into any fraudulent activity. This will effectively strengthen protection of all transactions made within the STABILA network.

Fiat currencies are printed by governments and cash is subject to forgery. Meanwhile, the transparency of blockchain assets creates safety, security, and efficiency. Printing currency costs money, but an existing blockchain recording a transaction does not.

STABILA plans to implement blockchain technology as a new way of financial system decentralization…

STABILA is committed to creating a financial system that is decentralized and efficient. By building upon the blockchain’s inefficiencies and limitations, we are solving current challenges such as fraud prevention, management ownership of data, and transparency into supply chain management.

By combining blockchain technology with artificial intelligence and the knowledge-sharing capability of humans, STABILA Protocol hopes to establish a decentralized system with financial institutions worldwide in order to enhance their efficiency and transparency.

As evidence of that, STABILA has already collaborated with two platinum companies: Woori Bank (Korea’s second largest bank) and Finca (a company developed by Korea’s first Forbes -millionaire) as well as real estates, multifamily housing companies, elderly care service, and global insurance companies.

As we move closer to a cashless economy, it is important to be able to make financial transactions quickly and safely. The STABILA project is on a mission to globalize the way we envision the future of decentralized finance. The security of your data and savings stored on the blockchain will be dependent on interoperability, creating a truly robust financial ecosystem.

STABILA are building a decentralized application (dApp) system, which has the potential to completely change the structure of financial transactions. Blockchain makes it possible to fix the defects of our current financial system, including high fees and insecure systems.

Our cryptocurrency is designed to preserve privacy, reduce transactional costs, protect against fraud and chargebacks, boost transaction processing speeds, strengthen security, and provide consumers with the flexibility they need to control their own assets.

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