SurfMoonToken: The Unstoppable Blockchain Economy

Aiko Ryzuka
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SurfMoon Token

The SurfMoon Token is a community-based token that is ready to push the DeFi movement to new heights. The SURFM allows its investors to utilize smart contracts by Fulfilling Developmental funds, utilizing fund management tools, and access to a secure and secure wallet.

The SURFM allows its holders to create smart contracts by creating a design studio, a store credit marketplace for P2P transactions, and a payment utility system.

All about the SurfMoon Token & the DeFi Movement.

When a community starts creating something from nothing, they can create a new economy. SurfMoon intends to be the project that is the movement, the infrastructure for DeFi development, lightning fast transaction speeds and a platform that will create new mergers and partnerships with businesses that have yet to be seen.

The SurfMoon Token is a utility token that will be distributed to Waves users to kickstart their DeFi economy. The token is designed to be used as a starting point for Waves community members to use the Waves blockchain, and be a gateway for new members to start using other decentralized applications on Waves.

Used as a gateway, the value of the token’s use case will further develop over time through an “economy of scale” effect. This means that as more people use the SurfMoon Token, its usage becomes more prominent, creating a greater need for the token, thereby increasing its overall value.

SurfMoons are designed to achieve scalability by following a network of DeFi pilots. The first stage of the project will focus on enabling easier token swaps. Afterward, the second stage will focus on facilitating decentralized exchanges, which can become global. The last stage focuses on increased functionality via increased throughput capacity.

SurfMoon Token is a transport token, accesing anything from ride shares to music artists. It opens up a new section of the blockchain economy where transportation based tokens aren”t just an idea anymore.

The unstoppable revolution has been unleashed. We have set out to change the way that people use decentralized token economies, and we have created a system that is ready to completely change the face of blockchain as we know it.

The Surf Moon Token (SFT) aims to bridge various communities and ERC20 tokens together efficiently and effectively, by providing a stable and reliable link between tokenomic systems. Don’t hesitate or you will miss your chance of joining the revolution of blockchain technology!

Do you hate missing out on ICOs/Pre-ICO opportunities?

Surf Moon Token — The Unstoppable Blockchain Economy — allows the anyone and everyone to be a part of the emergence of the future, cryptocurrency and blockchain tech as a whole. Check out our Smart / Narrow-focused Targeted Spam

With Surf Moon Token, you will be able to place advertisements on our decentralized application (DApp). The SurfMoon Tokens can be used to take part in the ecosystem and receive both fees and rewards by operating the DApp.

The app will enable users to run their own advertisement campaign, where they can get help from other community members to run their campaign for free, if they agree to share the resulting financial rewards with them.

At end of the advertising period, all participants who assisted with the advertisement will get rewarded. With this simple process, it is easy for both advertisers and investors to send their advertisements out into the world.

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