Swapult Protocol Unlocking Full Potential of Defi Ecosystem

Aiko Ryzuka
3 min readJan 21, 2022


Every project associated with defi ecosystem or its infrastructure is potential partner and can be cross-swapped with other projects in the pool. In addition, top pools for each token will be auctioned for same amount of defi. This will be a brand new way of growth for tokens that are trapped within their own ecosystems for uneven value distribution, lack of liquidity due to small size of themselves or unable to expand enough to become top pool.

What is Swapult?

Swapult is a decentralized layer-3 swapping cross-chain liquidity management platform based on defi infrastructure for token pools and auctions, based on the defi system.

It has high performance (1 billion TPS), supports native DEFI token, provides a low-cost circulation channel, and allows multi-token trading.

Swapult’s mission is to unlock the full potential of Defi ecosystem by creating a decentralized layer-3 cross chain liquidity management platform. Swaptoshi will dramatically increase the liquidity of defi built token pools and bridge assets with ERC20/NEP2x protocols.

Swap Protocol unlocks the full potential of defi Infrastructure for token pools and auctions.

Swap BlockChain, a decentralized layer-3 swap cross chain liquidity management platform for token pools and auctions.

The Swaption protocol is a decentralized, cross-chain liquidity pool and bridge management system that enables cross-chain token swaps without any counterparty risk. The Swapult blockchain will support a variety of ERC20 and defi assets in multiple token pools utilizing auction platforms to selectively fill/redeem auction bids.

The Swaption protocol is built with stability and transparency in mind, as it will be monitored 24/7 by all participants of the ecosystem.

Swapult is the backbone of Defi and enables the entire ecosystem to function. Swapt misses the token and order pool entirely, and indexes directly against the defi protocol, allowing for a number of benefits over centralised order books.

The swapt protocol empowers token pools/auction houses, and anyone with swap enabled defi contracts to seamlessly connect their pools with other pools across tokens and blockchains.

Swapult protocol is a decentralized layer-3 swapping cross-chain liquidity management platform based on defi infrastructure for token pools and auctions. It utilizes the defi bridge to build up the most secured and efficient blockchain trading ecosystem.

Based on the defi engine, it will build up swapon’s cross chain swap marketplace and bridge of major assets, using defi engine’s assets to support ongoing token pools/auctions and created a new node of DEFI ecosystem.

Swapult is an ecosystem with 3 main chain components. Swaption chain, the swap protocol and the cross chain bridge. The swap protocol is a mechanism to create crypto-Swap operations that apply to a set of token pools (for example: BTC, ETH and EOS).

Swaption pool is a group of tokens in one smart contract that can be traded by put and call options on defi auction.

Swapult is the protocol and token pool unlocking the potential of defi. Swaption’s protocol provides the infrastructure to sustain an ecosystem through decentralized swappable cross chain liquidity management and auction based transparent governance with defi tokens.

Swaptoken holders govern and vote on key protocol features and changes. The token pool supports acquisition of new assets along with minting more defi as rewards for providing network security, supporting open source development and paying node rewards.

The Swapult team is confident that it can make this goal a reality. They offer a lot of reasons for their confidence, the main one being that they created an easy to use and versatile platform. Unlike other crypto solutions, SwaplPt can be used by any type of token holder since no technical knowledge is required.

More Information about Swapult

Website : https://swapult.com/
Whitepaper : https://swapult.com/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/swapult
Telegram : https://t.me/swapult
Discord : https://discord.com/invite/aG2XA2htyg

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