TROPHY.IO is a Company That is Focused on DeFi Innovation, Which Creates Benefits And Value For Trophy Token Holders.

Aiko Ryzuka
4 min readJun 13, 2022



Every cryptocurrency user knows that scaling properly is one of the most important aspects of the currency model. After a long period of time, we can finally see real-world use cases that solve a major problem and provide the basis for Auto staking protocols to achieve exponential gains.
As the number of tokens produced rises at an exponential rate, an enormous number of coins are produced that are either useless or almost worthless. TROPHY tokens are here for your use! This issue can be addressed with TROPHY token protocols..

What is TROPHY.IO?
Trophy is a company that is focused on Defi innovation, which creates benefits and value for Trophy token holders. The Trophy Auto-Staking Protocol (TAP) is a new financial protocol that makes staking easier, and more efficient, and awards $TROPHY token holders the highest stable returns in the cryptocurrency market. Trophy is a company that is focused on Defi innovation, which creates benefits and value for Trophy token holders.

This Some Features of Trophy Token Protocols For User

A. Cross-Chain Bridge
Trophy Token Protocols Also Fungtion to cross-chain bridge makes working with different assets simple for You and this functionality includes high-level security features, reduced gas costs, and increased transaction speeds.

B. Swapping and Staking
A simple App Platform, Just Connect your wallet and start Swapping, Staking and Earning.

C. Trophy Insurance Fund (TIF)
The TIF serves as an insurance fund to achieve price stability and long-term sustainability of the Trophy Protocol.

D. Trophy Treasury
The Treasury provides assistance to the TIF in the event of a precipitous decline in the price of $TROPHY tokens. Additionally, the Treasury funds investments, new Trophy projects, and Trophy marketing.

E. The Furnace
1.5 percent of all traded $TROPHY are destroyed in the Furnace. The more that is traded, the more are thrown into the Furnace, forcing it to grow in size, so decreasing the circulating supply and stabilizing the Trophy procedure.

Trophy Token Protocols: Are they driven by the public?
Network infrastructure is built around the $TROPHY token economics. Operational effectiveness is improved by using this tool. In addition, it has a token economy that is deflationary, which enhances its total market efficiency. You may have heard it before, but TROPHY.IO is going to revolutionize the gaming industry.
-Trophy Utility For Community;
-Trophy Farm and Staking;
-Trophy Swap DEX;
-Trophy NFT Collection;
-Trophy Metaverse Market Place;
-Trophy DEX Wallet;
-Trophy Launch Pad;
-Trophy Debit Card.

To What Purpose Do Trophy Token Protocols Add Value?
Holders of TROPHY tokens have the option to stake their coins on the TROPHY.IO network. Up to 50% of TROPHY fees will be distributed monthly to token holders. The TDP can be improved to boost this monthly compensation. In just seven days, new investors can earn a 15 percent return on their first investment.
The technique pays a daily interest rate, which is automatically compounded, increasing your daily revenue tremendously.
If you are interested or want to learn more about the Trophy protocol, please Visit

Token Information TROPHY
Trophy (TROPHY) Token is a cryptocurrency, deployed on Binance Smart Chain(BSC BEP-20) and “eco-friendly”

Tokenomic Data:

Name: Trophy


Trophy Smart Contract: 0xBaAd7173c7eDd91269F52c32c1d98B523e1852e4

Total Supply: 280,000 $Trophy

Locked: 90,600 $Trophy

Public Hold: 120,000

Staking Liquidity: 40,000

Airdrop and Bounty: 10,000

Marketing: 15,000

Stakeholders who are short on funds and short on time will find that Trophy is a novel answer to their problems. In addition to being the best dividend-yielding staking assets that are currently available, trophy tokens also give you with passive income simply for keeping onto them.
They are simple to set up and make deposits with, which means that anyone may profit from the rise of the crypto economy, and thus cryptocurrency is considered to be “green.”


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