TVG Coin: Crypto Currency For Charity

Apart from its use in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology was crucial in enabling TVG Coin to exist in the first place. To avoid manipulation or double spending by users, blockchain is like a digital ledger, or a chronologically and publicly recorded list of transactions.
When you donate with TVG Coin, you can do more than make a one-time donation. When you use TVG Coins to make secure financial transactions, TVG will offer donations from our gift supply fund without you having to pay us any fees. So you accept TVG, but you also do good at the same time.

How does TVG Coin work?
The way TVG Coin works is very easy. As a thank you, TVG will give you some TVG Coins to buy something from our official site. TVG doesn’t mind if you browse our site without making a purchase. You still get a percentage of the purchase price if someone else uses TVG Coins on the TVG site to make a purchase.
The TVG blockchain network has a really great built-in feature: whenever someone buys TVG Coins from our official site, TVG will immediately issue a certain amount of bonus coins to all contributing donors! Since everyone is rewarded for shopping on TVG’s website, there is an incentive for people to shop at TVG’s official stores so that they can help TVG in return. This is a unique incentive structure. If they recommend friends or spread the word about TVG on social media, they will be rewarded with more TVG coins.
When you use TVG currency as payment, you are also providing your consumers with a safer alternative to traditional payment methods such as credit cards or cash. In other words, you will protect your company from fraud. By accepting TVG coins as a payment method, you open up your business to tens of thousands of customers who want to make secure transactions with businesses like yours. Your products and services will be protected by this technology, so you can sell them with confidence.

Why You Should Sign Up for TVG Coins?
“Why do you need so many TVG coins?” is the first and most obvious question most people have. In this article, you will find the answers to your questions. The value of the dollar fluctuates over time due to a variety of variables, including inflation, trading volume, and speculative market activity.
By 2022, TVG Coin aims to have TVG coins accepted in 193 countries worldwide. At the time, TVG had 1 trillion coins in circulation, ensuring that everyone had access to our money while also benefiting society by giving away a portion of each transaction. As a result, TVG anticipates that TVG Coin will become a truly global currency, bringing long-term benefits to those who have invested in it so far.
Several people have inquired about the huge coin supply of the TVG project, and this is what TVG has done to clarify things. TVG Coin is about three things: building trust, holding people accountable, and being open and transparent. As part of the innovative concept, investors will be able to take advantage of tokens that can be donated to charity or used to buy shares in the company. Every dollar invested in TVG Coin will be returned to the community as a whole.

TVG is a TRC20 token
As a result of which, it is based on the Tron technology platform. When it comes to Tron, if you’re not already familiar with it, it’s a blockchain technology that provides advantages like faster transactions and reduced fees compared to Ethereum. Through the Tron network, the TVG coin is utilized to execute e-commerce transactions.
Instead than using different currencies or international credit cards, you could simply pay for a product from another country with the TVG coin. Another advantage of the TVG currency is that it has staking and trading capabilities.
Basically, you get dividends for being a member of the TVG community by holding TVG coins in your account and participating in the “staking” feature. You can exchange your TVG coins for other cryptocurrencies and fiat money using the swapping feature (like US dollars). The company behind the TVG token has struck arrangements with a number of cryptocurrency exchanges to ensure that you may simply trade your tokens.

The concept draws on the following features:
1. Every time you make a purchase with TVG Coin, a percentage of your purchase will go to a good cause from the TVG’s charitable supply fund.
2. When you invest in TVG Coin, you will receive 100% of your investment back when you resell it (less fees).
3. If you miss an investment opportunity, you can have peace of mind knowing that the money is still going towards a good cause.
4. There are only two ways to get more TVG Coins: a) You buy them from another investor b) You earn them by being active members of the community and helping others.


Name: TVG Coin

Symbol: TVG

Total supply: 1 Trillion

Coin Platform network: TRC-20

Name of Coin: TVG: The Social Coin

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Bitcointalk Username: Aiko Ryzuka

Bitcointalk Link:;u=3397304

Telegram: @aikoryzuka

Tron Wallet Address: TKSs5Lt4rvvHr3hrx4JkV1y2ex2MKTqC4G



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