TVG is a social coin that allows users to trade while also contributing to a charitable cause

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As the world is becoming more of an inter-connected network, we seem to have less human interaction. The digital interactions that we do happen to witness are mostly managed by two parties: social networks and financial cryptocurrency. But it’s been observed that the majority of users are not interested in a purely digital experience. The current digital exchange process is slow, while its transaction costs are on the higher side. Moreover, there has been a lack of proper safeguard management or even transparency in most financial transactions. TVG coin aims to address these issues with experience driven by modern technology within the crypto-sphere.
Look around you, do you see anything that can change the world for good In this modern age, it is much easier — even possible — to make a dent in the universe. If there’s one thing that can change the world for good, it’s cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

TVG Coin — What is it?
Users can trade and buy with TVG while simultaneously making a donation to a good cause. In addition to making international money transfers easier, it also ensures that all financial activities are as transparent as possible. With this groundbreaking project, every purchase makes a difference in the world. In order to provide happiness to the lives of many disadvantaged individuals, a set percentage of TVG will be contributed with each transaction. By combining blockchain technology with social responsibility, TVG Coin creating something truly special.
The goal is to have TVG accepted in 193 nations throughout the world. Many people wonder why we have a total of one trillion coins. In order to ensure that everyone who is a member of this fast increasing open society has access, TVG are aiming for a circulation of 1 trillion coins.” In addition, TVG have designated a certain amount of TVG coins for charitable donations for each trade and transaction with TVG. TVG can all benefit from the millions of transactions that take place every day throughout the world, if TVG coin can use them to make a positive impact on society. TVG Coin progress towards our own open-source blockchain network can be made possible through their generous support.
TVG generous funding of TVG Coin open-source blockchain network will allow to make significant progress.

Vision TVG Coin
TVG Currency is aiming for a circulation of 1 trillion coins in order to ensure that everyone who is a part of this fast increasing open world has a coin. access to it. Currently, TVG hold a coin circulation of around 2,500,000. TVG are aiming to grow by 5 times before the end of the year. Approach everything with an open mind.
A global community can be created by a group of people from all over the world working together with a strong sense of purpose and commitment to their job.

Total supply

TVG coin are confident that through hard effort and dedication, TVG will be able to build a global community of people that care about each other. TVG expect to rank among the top 50 cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of market capitalization by 2023. By 2026, we’ll have accumulated $500 billion in bitcoin, which is a goal near and dear to TVG hearts.



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