Welcome to Crypto Cowboys!

Aiko Ryzuka
3 min readFeb 4, 2022


Welcome to Crypto Cowboys, a new breed of artwork. With no standard for ownership, our goal is to represent the value of art beyond its artists.

The fundamental goal of Crypto Cowboys is to create a token that marks ownership of an image so it can be transferred between parties and tracked. Our dream is to see blockchain technology used in other fields besides cryptocurrency.

Crypto Cowboys are taking a whole new kind of NFT — a common stock for any picture — and adding the functionality of Ethereum smart contracts to allow for ERC-721 transfers on the NFT. In this exciting new world, everyone will be able to hold a piece of the power that represents their favorite photographs or artworks.

Crypto Cowboys wants to be the most comprehensive and compelling NFT marketplace available. Crypto Cowboys aim to activate the crypto community with a mission-driven vision of broadening adoption.

Crypto Cowboys building a “one-stop shop” for everything related to NFTs for our existing fan base, and Crypto Cowboys looking forward to attracting new participants. Crypto Cowboys believe that cryptocurrency can help us meet our mission by creating a global currency of value attached to heritage, design and the arts.

Own a CryptoCowboys’ Eagle, Stetson and Golden Nugget. Crypto Cowboys attribute all the value of our CryptoCowboys’ product to the artist and it’s interaction with their work, so Crypto Cowboys are all about artist empowerment.

Crypto Cowboys enable artists, designers and creatives by allowing them to own some fraction of their work by rewarding them with our NFT token.

A token that represents a portion of all art sold through Crypto Cowboys site will be awarded to the buyer, and can be used by the buyer and owner of that art to buy art of their own.

The original purchased artist retains control, with the buyers ownership being what the buyer can exchange like any other currency!

Crypto Cowboys mission, is to democratize art, digitizing and protecting all forms of artistic expression, as well as ownership and distribution. In order to do that we want a tokenized platform to acquire artwork by the artist themselves either directly or by representing inventory belonging to an artist or organization.

The primary goal of CC is to provide a platform for artists to sell directly to consumers and other artists without third party interference.

Crypto Cowboys want to enable artists to distribute their art in a way that gives them complete control over its evolution. Working with a blockchain can help accomplish this while at the same time prevent many types of fraud and exploitation.

Coming to you from the same mindset that created CryptoCowboys, the founder of Fintech Games, Jonathan Schmidt, The creator of Crypto Cowboys presents his latest platform.

Lets imagine we have an asset that has a very volatile labor market. Crypto Cowboys is preparing to offer many types of crypto-tokens that represent ownership in the cowboys as a whole.

Not only do Crypto Cowboys want to be able to bypass exchanges, but also are looking for ways to make the cowboy brand more robust and able to stand on its own.

This is how Crypto Cowboys is different from other people in the space: We’re Cowboys, Crypto Cowboys ride for free and Crypto Cowboys here to disrupt the world economy.

Crypto Cowboys represent you as an integral member of a system or network. You are special because you are a member of the Cowboy Nation which is poised to change the fate of our nation and its citizens.

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