What is IX Swap: Creating Liquidity For Secondary Trading of STOs

  • IX swap is protocol agnostic, meaning that it does not rely on any third-party application or exchange in order to facilitate exchange of value between parties.
  • IX swap uses ethereum smart contracts, and is open source.
  • IX swap includes a number of key features, including:
  • IX swap is algorithm driven, meaning that participants are rewarded based on their trading performance.
  • IX swap includes ways for participants to participate in the allocation of capital and therefore to benefit from the subsequent fees and benefits of being a liquidity provider.
  • IX swap is end-to-end encrypted, meaning that trades can only be executed once both parties have authenticated themselves.
  • IX swap includes a way to reward participants for their contributions to the IX swap liquidity pool.
  • IX swap is vendor-neutral, meaning that IX swap uses a set of rules and incentives that prevent IX

IXS Token Specification

Token dot Native Token

Token dot Swap Fees

Token dot Paired Pools

Token dot Insurance

Token dot Payment Token

IX Swap Solution


Borrowing & Lending

Licensed Partners

Low Fees

Unlock the Value



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